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Quali saranno i “TOP TREND” del Petfood nel 2017?

Secondo petindustry.com l’attenzione dei consumatori (sempre più evoluti) sarà focalizzata su ingredienti e formulazioni di cibi secchi, umidi e snack. In particolare l’assenza di conservanti, di coloranti, di ingredienti geneticamente modificati a favore di elementi sani e naturali provenienti (preferibilmente) da terre meno inquinate e coltivazioni biologiche, sarà un must. Negli States si parla ormai da tempo di petfood “human grade” … che sia arrivato il momento anche per l’Europa?

Ecco a seguire l’articolo di Lindsay Beaton: Top pet food trends on consumers’ minds in 2017.

According to industry experts, what goes into pet food and how that food is represented will be the top trends of 2017. It’s been a busy few years for top pet food trends in the industry. Increasing pet humanization, consumer involvement and diversification of the market have all banded together to create a landscape with more products than shelf space and a firm need to get inside the minds of pet owners to find out what they want. Some trends have been staples of the industry for years, while others have their roots in simpler times but have grown increasingly individualized as consumers look for ways to feed their pets the best, most-catered formulas they can find. As 2017 begins, it’s time once again to take a look at what the year has in store for pet food. Ingredients: A focus for consumers means opportunities for formulators. With consumer desire for pet food specialization comes an increased scrutiny on the ingredients in that food, and according to industry experts, it’s going to be a year of laser-like focus on what goes into their products. “Clarification of ingredients will be increasingly important, with no preservatives and no genetically modified ingredients,” said Joe Tordella, area sales manager for Bühler Aeroglide North America. “Falling by the wayside is the idea of a formulation that’s ‘scientific’ or lab based because pet owners consider it less human.” There’s a wide range of ingredients the industry believes consumers will focus on in 2017, but superfoods seem to be on many minds. “Already mainstream in the human diet, nutrient-packed superfoods like pumpkin, kale, chia, sweet potato, kelp, broccoli, carrots…    To view the full article, please register or login.